Sunday, March 24, 2013

Google Plus Marketing Tip # 1

Did you know that Google Community's and Google Plus is one of the fastest growing trends in 2013! If you look at a screenshot taken from Google Trends You will see that Google Community is on the rise. I have noticed in the past week or so the advantages of joining community's  Not only is the content indexable but the people you meet are very interesting and like minded depending on the Google Community. I have several Google Community's and I try to stay active daily. I feed them with the information I feel suitable for the day or weekly post and as people engage it spreads accordingly. Some of the greatest features are the ability to add the Google Community's in your sharing button when you go to post a new Google Plus post.

This allows me to Control my post and select certain communication types. The skies the limits with the potentials of all this. Get on the Google Plus and Google Community bandwagon if you are passionate about something create a new community you can do that here


 Sign in to Google Plus. If you do not have a Google Plus account you are going to need this to establish a Google Community.


 Look at illustration. Click on Community Tab. Then Click on the Create a Community tab that is highlighted below in the top right hand corner. You will then see a window that pops up and ask if you want to have a public or private community. follow the steps from their and that is it You will officially have created your own community, As time goes on they will get searchable and indexed from Google :)

As you can see it is very search engine friendly as shown below. Not bad first page with over 163,000,000 Pages!! and yes I own the #1 spot as well.

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