Sunday, January 5, 2014

Did the latest Google Plus Notification update really get you?

In a recent update Google plus enabled a let me help you feature with managing the Notifications on your wall. Well after hitting the suggestion from them ...I mean common it is "Google". o-O . any way I noticed I was getting waaay more Google plus notifications than I cared to have. I manage many things from my smart phone and the fact all these notifications now were blowing my phone up. Mind you I am in few groups and after 2 hours I had over 1000 notifications!! I was getting a little upset . So I went and figured out how to stop all the Google Plus Notifications from blasting my wall and phone. I will show you how you can managed only what you want to see and what gets sent to your phone etc.

1. Go to your saved circles that you may have created and look at the top right for the notification bell. It will show on. Turn it off.

You can do this to all your circles. I would suggest you create a circle and managed priority at this point so you can manged the expectations of the Google plus notifications you are receiving.

Or of you DO NOT WANT THEM OFF COMPLETELY See the gear next to the Highlighted bell at the top of the picture above, Click that and then you can control the frequency amount of that circle. This will help allot to managed the Google plus Notification delivery.

I don't know about you but I managed my time and when my phone has the same tone for every notification I take them all as It could be a serious one or a emergency even and i am naturally forced to look at it. Then to only find out it was one of these notifications.

Below I will show you how to set up what gets sent to your phone and what doesn't

After you hit this setting this is where you can control all the Notification forwarding and who can connect and share with you.

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